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 Study Guides can help contextualize a topic, provide approaches for teaching, and inform the viewing of the film.
 Discussion questions can help you incite a dialogue based on the film, and inspire critical thinking, student reflection and participation, and heighten film viewing as a learning experience.
 Synopses, suggested lesson plans and activities can be used step by step or merely used as a conversation starter.
 Bibliographies, selected resources and web links for further research may be found at the end of most guides along with information on how to take action.
Facilitation Guidelines - Recommended for Intense Discussion

California Newsreel
Study Guides and
Facilitator Guides

Each study guide or facilitator guide available from California Newsreel is unique to the film it accompanies. In the classroom, in an informal group setting or viewing on your own, our companion materials will help you to make personal connections to the subject matter and examine more closely the issues addressed in these films. Taken together you will get the most out of your viewing experience.

Educators - Many of our guides provide multiple levels of exploration for varying age groups. They can be easily adapted to meet the needs of middle school, high school and college viewers.

Home Viewers - All of our guides may be useful to home viewers wanting to think critically about the film they have seen and get more out of their viewing experience. They are also useful for hosting an informal discussion.

 Diversity Training Facilitator Guides
Global Economy Study Guides
Health Study Guide
 African American Literature Study Guides
 History and Social Issue Study Guides
 African Cinema Study Guides

Diversity Training Facilitator Guides

Blacks and Jews - Segment Summaries, Discussion Questions, Activities and Research Project Suggestions
Blue Eyed, The Essential Blue Eyed &Thirty Minute Blue Eyed - Exercises, Discussion Points, Diversity Training Overview
Frosh - Facilitator Guide for Staff Training and Student Orientation, Background Info and Awareness Activities
Seniors - Facilitator Guide, Synopsis, Activities, Resources
Shattering the Silences - Thematic Guide, Facilitation Notes, 4 Levels of Use, Points of Discussion
Skin Deep - Background on Diversity Training, Discussion Questions, Facilitation Guide
What's Race Got to Do with It? - Companion Web Site with Facilitator Guide, Engagement Games, Resources for Intergroup Dialogue and More

Global Economy Study Guides
Beloved Community - Facilitator Guide and Discussion Guide
Black Gold - ITVS Companion Web Site with Facilitator Guide and Discussion Guide

Made in L.A. - P.O.V. Companion Web Site with Lesson Plans and Discussion Guide
Maquilapolis - P.O.V. Companion Web Site with Lesson Plans and Discussion Guide
Maquilapolis -
Bilingual Study Guide in English (3.34 MB pdf) and Español (3.12 MB pdf)
Struggles In Steel - Background, Discussion Questions, Activities, Resources
Where Do You Stand: Stories from an American Mill - Illustrated in PDF Format, Background, Discussion Questions, Advocacy Activities, Suggested Web Sites

Health Study Guide
UNNATURAL CAUSES: Is Inequality Making Us Sick? - Interactive Web Site with Lesson Plans, Discussion Guide, Action Tool Kit

African American Literature Study Guides
Furious Flower I - Poet Biographies, Selected Bibliographies, Discussion Questions
Furious Flower II - Background, Poet Biographies
Ralph Ellison: An American Journey - Questions, Activities, Film Segmented for Discussion
Richard Wright-Black Boy
- Extensive Teacher's Guide and Bibliography
White Scripts, Black Supermen: Black Masculinities in Comic Books - A Discussion Guide

History and Social Issue Study Guides
Agents of Change
- Classroom Activities for Grades 9-12, based on National Standards
Banished - Independent Lens Companion Web Site
Big Mama - Background Information on Issues, Resources and Links
Black Is…Black Ain't - Film Summary and Notes, Film Quotes, Discussion Questions
Brick by Brick: A Civil Rights Story
- Classroom Activities for Grades 9-12, based on National Standards
February One - Illustrated in PDF Format, Timeline, Activities, Bibliography, Web Sites, Additional Discussion Questions
Goin' to Chicago - Lesson Plans, Bibliography, Handouts
Homecoming - PBS Companion Web Site with Timeline, Lesson Plans
Long Night's Journey Into Day - History of Apartheid, Essays
Negroes With Guns: Rob Williams and Black Power - Discussion Questions, Bibliography
The New Black - Discussion Guide and Bibliography from ITVS (3.27 MB pdf)
NO! Confronting Sexual Assault in Our Communities - Study and Activist Guide on Sexual Assault in Black Communities with essays
Race-The Power of an Illusion - Interactive Web Site with Lesson Plans, Discussion Guide
Revolution '67 - PBS Companion Web Site with Discussion Guide
Revolution '67 - Hands-On High School Curriculum

A Son of Africa - Resources for Teachers, Excerpts from The Interesting Life of Oladuah Equiano
Soul of Justice - Discussion Questions
The Willmar 8 - Women's Worth: Valuing Our Own Worth - Realizing Our Own Value (Scan of the 1982 study guide, 4.54 MB)

Africa Related Study Guides
The following study guides accompanying films from the Library of African Cinema offer a 'before the film reading', reflection questions and facts on the film's country of origin. Articles on viewing African cinema, by African filmmakers and scholars are also available.
Keita:The Heritage of the Griot
Le Franc
La Petite Vendeuse De Soleil
Pieces D'Identites
A Walk In the Night
Also Long Night's Journey Into Day
with extensive study guide.

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