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Articles on Media
A Short Film Manifesto: A Sustainable Future for Activist Media
by Larry Daressa
This essay questions the pre-eminence of long-form, documentary "story-telling" and, more generally, the privileging of documentary content over the context of its use.

TOWARDS ACCOUNTABILITY An Essay in Collaborative Activist Media Production (78 KB .pdf)
Larry Daressa delivered an abridged version of this paper at Visible Evidence XVIII, New York University, August 13, 2011

California Newsreel Announces The Results From Two Social Justice Media Surveys

A Producers' Guide to Digital Rights Management
Prepared by California Newsreel November, 2009, Revised August. 2010

Radical Media Practice in the Digital Age
Remarks by Larry Daressa, California Newsreel, before a graduate seminar on “Politics and Post-Modern Form,” Prof. Jeffrey Skoller, University of California, Berkeley, March 31, 2010

The Politics of Space, a Space for Politics:
California Newsreel - Forty Years at the Site of the Reception
(34 KB .pdf)
Presented by Larry Daressa at Visible Evidence XVI, University of Southern California, Los Angeles August 16, 2009

Before You Shoot: What You Should Know About Educational Distribution (1.04 MB .pdf)
y California Newsreel

Educational Film Distribution (1.66 MB .pdf)
by California Newsreel

Newsreel at Forty And Zero: The Political Film and Its Audience in The Digital Age
by Larry Daressa, California Newsreel

Is Social Change Media a Delusion? California Newsreel at 30 and 2000
by Larry Daressa, California Newsreel

Review of Oh Freedom After While
by Ken Robinson, Associate Professor of Film, Vassar College.

National Educational Media Network: Content '96. May 16, 1996
by Larry Daressa, California Newsreel

Reflections on ITVS
by Larry Daressa, California Newsreel

General Principles in Media Literacy
by Patricia Aufderheide

Documenting the Movement: California Newsreel Remains at the Center of Social Change (2.17 MB .pdf)
by Cathleen Rountree, Documentary Magazine

A Close Reading of Ads: A How-To Guide
prepared with help from the New Mexico Media Literacy Project

Notes for Viewing African Cinema

Film Text and Context: Reweaving Africa’s Social Fabric Through Its Contemporary Cinema
by Mbye Cham, Howard University

The Hyena's Last Laugh: A conversation with Djibril Diop Mambety
by N. Frank Ukadike, from TRANSITION 78

Imagining Alternatives: African Cinema in the New Century
by African filmmaker Jean-Marie Teno

Viewing African Cinema: Six Pointers

African Studies Resources

Ousmane Sembene : The Life of a Revolutionary Artist
by Samba Gadjigo, Mount Holyoke College

Cuban Film Reveals Important Black Cuban History
by Cornelius Moore, California Newsreel (on AfroCubaWeb site)

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