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DVD,DVD + 3-Year Site/Local Streaming and Three-Year Site/Local Streaming Renewal
38 volumes, 52 hours in all, 2011
Executive Producer: SNCC Legacy Project, Inc., Documentary Sub-Committee
One Person, One Vote: The Legacy of SNCC and the Fight for Voting Rights is a website that tells the story of the key role of local leaders and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) in shifting the national political agenda toward voting rights. This initiative was a project of the SNCC Legacy Project with the collaboration of the Library and the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University.

This complete collection of DVDs present formal addresses, panel discussions and programs that took place at a conference and reunion unfolding over four days at Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (or SNCC).

SNCC emerged from student protests that erupted on February 1, 1960 when four college students from North Carolina A&T University in Greensboro launched a sit-in at a Woolworth department store lunch counter. This daring action sparked a wave of similar challenges to segregation by thousands of students across the South. On the weekend of April 15 1960, student leaders from the sit-ins gathered at Shaw University and SNCC was born. Soon students in the newly formed SNCC began leaving school to commit themselves to the organization.

The early SNCC organizers were inspired and guided by Ella Baker who organized Southern NAACP branches in the 1940s and helped organize Martin Luther King's Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1957. Using money appropriated by Rev. King, Baker helped to organize SNCC’s founding conference at Shaw University. The 50th anniversary conference was dedicated to her.

SNCC’s history of sit-ins, freedom rides, and protests of segregation in public spaces is well documented. But most of SNCC’s story is not known, thus an important component of the 50th anniversary conference was to begin the job of telling the full story of the organization.

This DVD collection provides a complete record of every panel and plenary session at the 50th conference. They are unique not only in their comprehensiveness, but also because they feature an unprecedented number of SNCC veterans publically examining their Movement experiences. Many of these veterans are not usually encountered in the Civil Rights Movement canon. In short, the history contained in these DVDs is informed by a special and valuable sensibility available nowhere else. Moreover, these discussions are reinforced with the participation of some of academia's most thoughtful scholars of the Southern Freedom Movement.

This material offers a unique, in-depth examination of what took place in the Southern freedom struggle. And while SNCC veterans may again gather for reflective conversations in the future, the unprecedented attendance of this historic gathering makes this collection an invaluable resource for scholars and students alike.

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1: Opening Plenary
2: Early Student Movement Philosophy and Activism
3: From Student Activists to Field Organizers
4: SNCC Builds an Organization
5: The Raleigh Civil Rights Movement
6: Luncheon Keynote: Rev. James Lawson, "We Have Not Yet Arrived"
7: The Societal Response to SNCC
8: Up South: "We Raised Money, We Raised Hell"
9: More Than a Hamburger
10: Moving on Mississippi: "We Had to be Strong"
11: Alabama: "Turning to Ourselves"
12: Southwest Georgia: "Do You Want to be Free"
13: Arkansas, Cambridge, MD, Danville, VA: "Everybody Say Freedom"
14: The Impact and Influence of SNCC on American Society 1960 to 1968
15: What Was SNCC? How Did It Evolve Over the Years? Why Did It Cease to Exist?
16: Political Impact of SNCC 1964 to 1984
17: Luncheon Keynote: Harry Belafonte, "Why Can't Our Children Find Us?"
18: Ella Baker's Roots: "Give People Light and They will Find a Way"
19: Depictions of the Movement in Popular Culture
20: Black Power, Black Education and Pan Africanism
21: The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party: "A Real Democratic Process"
22: Women Leaders and Organizers: "You Can Do This"
23: The Black Church and Black Struggle
24: Highlander, SSOC and Organizing in the White Community: "We Knew That We Were Not Free"
25: SNCC and the Black Arts Movement: "We Had to Change the Conversation"
26: Plenary: Joyce Ladner
27: SNCC Children Speak
28: Luncheon Keynote: Congressman John Lewis, "Stand Up and Make Some Noise"
29: Luncheon Keynote: U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, "The Nation's in Your Debt"
30: The Young People's Project: "Come Let Us Build a New World"
31: The Cradle to Prison Pipeline
32: Actions for a New World
33: Special Program: Dick Gregory, "They're Asking Different Questions Today"
34: Plenary: In Remembrance of Ella Baker, Howard Zinn, and James Forman
35: Dinner Keynote: Danny Glover, "The Real Costs Lie Ahead"
36: Freedom Concert
37: Plenary: Bob Moses, "We the People"
38: Closing Program: Bernice Johnson Reagon, "Solidarity of Past, Present and Future"
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"There is no parallel DVD collection examining the Movement... a vital and exciting history told by the people who made it."
Julian Bond

JULY '64

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