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Selected Bibliography

  • Black Velvet. Chicago: Broadside Press, 1970.

  • Scrimshaw. Detroit: Broadside Press, 1970.

  • Ten Poems: A Collection. Lincoln University, PA: American Studies Institute, 1968.

Discussion Questions

1. How does Hoagland's "Love Child--An Aesthetic" compare to other poems you have read celebrating the female body (or the male) such as John Donne's "To His Mistress on Going to Bed"? Why does he use so many food-related metaphors and analogies?


Everett Hoagland's poetry is fueled by musical rhythms, a sense of history, and an appreciation for human beauty. His earliest contributions were in education; in Philadelphia he taught high school English and for Operation Headstart and adult literacy programs. He later taught at several universities, including Swarthmore College and Southeastern Massachusetts University. He published his signature collection of poetry, Black Velvet, in 1970. He has been the recipient of the Gwendolyn Brooks Award for Fiction from the magazine Black World and a Creative Artists Fellowship from the Massachusetts Arts and Humanities Foundation. He has also served as the contributing editor for the American Poetry Review.


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